Sunday, January 8, 2006

First Pic's

Previous Owner started and quit restoration.

This is how the car showed up. Jan of 2006

Interior & dash stripped
Windshield off
Right door internals out
Fenders, bumpers, hood, trunk lid & front valance off
Right front suspension partially disassembled

1974 Chrome bumper car with Over Drive. Over all the car is in good shape. Both doglegs are shot but the the sills are fine. Some dents etc.... but the floorboards are in good shape.


- daily driver i.e. sound mechanically
- shaved (doors, side turn signals, side chrome strip, fuel filler, badges, rear lic plate, antenna)
- DuPont Hot Hues paint, blue metallic
- Striped metal dash
- Fairly standard powertrain (probably updated alternator, electronic ignition, electric fan... that's about it)

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