Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Brake Master Cyclinder Rebuild

Master Cyclinder Rebuild

Drill into the nylon bearing and use screws to pull out.

C-Clamp to hold plunger to remove circlip

Circlips from Autozone that are long enough to reach the 2nd circlip.

Internals of the cyclinder

Pitting at the neck of the cyclinder

Clean & Hone

The cyclinder is small, so I bought the smallest hone from Napa and still had to remove a washer & grind down the body of the hone to fit it all the way into the cyclinder.
Hone from Napa:

Powdercoat Columbia All in One Chrome: Need to clearcoat.

How to remove the pin. Slide a nail to hold the spring and punch out (80% of the way) the pin. I used a nail with the tip ground off as a punch.

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