Friday, December 12, 2008

Pinon Preload

Pinon preload with a new crush sleeve

If you are smart enough to measure the preload before disassemble

Directions for semi-floating axle from workshop manual (

Page 215
Section Ha.4
Renewing the pinion oil seal
5. Using 18G 207 measure and record the torque required to rotate the pinon.
12. Rotate the pinion to settle the bearings and measure the torque required to rotate the pinion.
If the reading obtained is less than that recorded in Operation 5, before the seal was removed; tighten the nut A VERY SMALL AMOUNT, resettle the bearings and recheck the torque reading. Repeat this procedure until a reading equal to that recorded in Operation5 BUT NOT LESS THAN 4 TO 6 LB. IN. is obtained.
e.g. Reading in Operation 5 = 9 lb. in.
Adjust torque to this figure
Reading in Operation 5 = 0 lb. in.
Adjust torque to 4 to 6 lb in.
CAUTION. Preload build up is rapid, tighten the nut with extreme care. IF AN ORIGINAL TORQUE READING, in excess of 6 lb in is exceeded, THE AXLE MUST BE DISMANTLED AND A NEW COLLAPSIBLE SPACER FITTED.

- I'm installing a new oil seal & not replacing the crush sleeve.
- This is a semi-floating axle
- The differential is still in place, but drained with no wheels nor brake drums.
- I don't have a inch pound torque wrench.

Solution for inch pound torque wrench.
- 1/4 inch drive which is right at 5 inches in length.
- Going for a preload of 4 inch pounds
- Using quarters as weight.
- 1 Quarter = 5.67 grams
- 453 grams = 1 lb
- To get 1 inch pound at 5 inches you need .2 lb or 16 quarters.
- So I need 64 quarters to get my 4 in lbs at 5 inches on my ratchet.
- You have to break free the initial resistance to measure the preload.

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