Monday, October 26, 2009


I painted the car Toyota Matador Red Mica Dupont-Nason.

I used the Harbor Freight gun, the same one I used to prime with. The first pics are after buffing, while the later a pre-buffing you can see the orange peel. The pics don't do the color justice.

Here's what I've found out about buffing etc on the cheap.

Wet sand. I knew I was going to have a good deal of orange peel (actually not too bad). I made sure I got a good deal of clearcoat on the edges of panels etc to prevent burn through. Harbor Freight 1200 sandpaper is worthless . Go buy 1000 & 2000 3m paper at Walmart of all places. Wet sand 1000 in one direction until all orange peel is gone, then sand 2000 at 90 degrees until all the 1000 scratches are gone. You should have completely flat paint.

Buffing. I got the 7inch polisher from Harbor Freight along with a yellow pad & a couple of bonnets. I used 3m Perfect 2 rubbing compound from a paint shop & meguiars swirl remover from Walmart. Here is what I didn't know. It takes heat to cut clearcoat. Clear coat is hard and the rubbing compound causes a chemical reaction along with the friction heat of the buffer to soften the clearcoat, hence cutting. There should be nothing to wipe when you are done. I used the yellow pad with the rubbing compound, it produces much more heat then the bonnets.

Watch this =>

I sanded and buffed my hood three times before I got a good result. My panels are warm to the touch when I am done buffing and I have a reduction in haze and scratches but a increase in holograms.

I used swirl remover with a bonnet. Just take your time and don't be aggressive at this point.

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