Monday, May 23, 2011

Trailer Hitch & Bike Rack MGB

Had a custom trailer hitch built for me so I could use a hitch style bike rack.

- Yakima Double down 2 rack
- 1/4 longer bolts from Fastenal
- Custom trailer hitch built by JW welding (740.815.4870)north of Columbus Ohio near Prospect Ohio. The hitch shares the same bolts as the bumper mounts to the frame, the hitch mounts on the outside of bumper brackets & require 1/4 longer bolts.

- Pictures before painting

Getting ready to paint the hardtop


Norbert Sliwinski said...

Hi Steve. Love your blog. This is s test to see if you get this. I never blogged before


john havard said...

Do you still have the car?