Friday, February 12, 2010

MG is Born video's

Building the motor:

Machine Shop:
- .10 over bore
- New rocker shaft & they assembled it
- Valve job & they assembled
- Deck the block
- Hot tank
- Verified the crank
- Assembled new piston to rods. requires a press

New Parts:
- camshaft
- pistons, wrist pins, rings
- oil pump
- double timing chain & gears & tensioner
- hardend tappets from APT
- water pump
- head studs (head studs apparently stretch,,, and will stay stretched after a period of time)

I have the block mostly together, but I didn't order all the parts.. i.e. locktabs and shims.

Been watching the MG is Born video's

Things that I've learned:

- Fuel Pump to tank. You can use hose's v's hard lines.
- Don't blast your seats, you will get grit in the recliner joint.
- Brass Engine Plug in the intake manifold
- Unique rear springs.
- How straight forward to replace rear shocks with telescopic shocks
- Good way to remove the axle shafts without a BFH
- Don't need to install engine & tranny as one piece
- Heater requires good packing to work ok.
- I knew this... but the coil springs outside the car are not under that much compression.
- When you install your glass in your doors, install the glass first, then the regulator, then connect the two,,, then mount your regulator. I sort of knew this because I just installed the glass & regulator in my door and it took forever.

Other items:
- I would of loved to put pull handle's on my doors. But all the info I found said it was just about impossible. Well wrong:,1354390,1354390#msg-1354390

I guess it's pretty straight forward.


Anonymous said...

I have an mgb that I bought in 2005. The person who I bought from said it was a 1974 model, but I'm not sure. How can I tell? Is it listed somewhere on the car? I don't know anything about these cars, but I'm wanting to sell it and don't know for sure. If someone could help me, I would appreciate it.

MARN said...

Super congratulations you are doing a beautifull job...
I have a 1974 mgb, just mine has the plastic bumpers and i change the carburator for a weber. mine was painted 10 years ago, and needs paint i am looking for a paint shop i dont fill good for doing that job.