Thursday, June 10, 2010

Getting close... powder coat wheels

Powder Coated my wheels in Gun Metal Gray.

- the wheels fit a normal oven
- had the wheels blasted, then prep with metal ready
- the require at least 20 min to outgass,,, there's a good deal of outgassing.
- did around a 1.5 coats,, i.e. outgass, partial cool, coat, 5-10 min partial cure, .5 coat, (I had to let the wheels sit since I had one gun & couldn't switch to clear coat), quick reheat 3-5 mins, clear coat, full cure 25 mins or so.
- I hope it holds up
- Used Columbia powder

Wheels require lug centric balancing, NTB did that for me,,, tires from tire rack

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