Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Examples of Powder Coating

Item's that I have powder coated:

Propshaft - it's red, not orange....
Coil Springs - red, not orange...
Tranny Mount
Propshaft Flanges x2
Axle Flange & Tranny Flange
Rear Hub
Wishbone arms x4
Wishbone pivot x2
Spring Pan x2
Coil Locaters x2
Brackets for leaf springs
Leaf spring pedestal x2
Leaf spring shackle plate x2
Front brake dust cover
Rear brake plate x2
Rear bumper mount x2

note: I've painted some por15 on top of the powder coating for additonal protection. In nooks where the coating is thin... you can see some runs from the por15 that I need to chip off.


Harbor Freight Powder Coat Gun
HF Black & Red Powder
HF Pressurized Sand Blaster w/Alumin Oxide Media
Cheap Home Built Blast Cabinet

One messy garage.... powder coat oven

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