Monday, January 1, 2007

Misc Howto's etc...

How to install/check the drive flange on the differential without crushing the bearing

Installation notes: (when I get there)
- axel bump stops have a left & right
- wishbone arms have a left & right

1974 MGB OD SPEEDO CABLE: If the speedo is NOT working, start at the gearbox. Does the pinion gear move when you rotate the drive shaft? Does the speedo cable transfer this rotation? The most common problem is that the driving or driven gear is wiped clean of teeth. Too bad. Pinion gears are HARD to find; the driving gear requires OD disassembly (engine out!). A frozen speedo can cause the gears to strip. The easiest problem is that the diamond made by the end of the cable (years ago it was squared) is too small and the cable just freewheels inside the square on the end of the gear. Use a dolly and hammer and make the diamond just a little longer.

Steering Wheel:
Maybe I could wrap in fiberglass and paint or carbon fiber v's wood...

- check oil filter clearance
- existing air filter is the best choice?? -> use
good dash & door panels

- Reminder: safety tie the hood.

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