Tuesday, January 9, 2007

POR 15

I brush on POR 15 (I'll never spray the stuff....)

Blasted (not by me)
- Rear Axle
- Leaf Springs
- Front Cross Member
- Tranny Mount

POR the entire underside of the car. It was a mistake,,, there is very little rust on the car and POR isn't that great on non blasted/rusted metal. Should of just primed and painted with a gun... much quicker and would be better.... too late now...

I've had a couple of failures with POR.... a drop of water will ruin the paint and cause it to peel... must be 100% dry and free of oil.... any oil will cause it to peel also. On blasted surface there is no need to use Metal Ready but with clean metal you must use Metal Ready.... and get the surface to rust... lol... for the best adhesion

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