Saturday, February 28, 2009

Building brake lines

I'm having trouble understanding/finding information about the brake lines on a mgb. So I'm going to post this so I can prove to myself that I understand what I'm doing.

MGB Brake lines:

- Bubble Flared except where you meet a female nut, then it's a inverted/double flare.
- 3/16 OD ( -3 ) & 1/8 Bore
- Some connecting ends are 3/8 x 24 others are 7/16

Brake lines are flared for male (bubble) or female (inverted/double).
8 Brake lines in total.
3 Female nuts, where connecting to rubber hose, i.e. both front brakes & the connector into the 3 way splitter in the rear.

Rear Brake lines on the axle:
- Right side are 16 inches with two bubble flares & male nuts
- Left side are 46 inches with two bubble flares & male nuts

The 4 way has 3/8 & 7/16 size connectors. From upper left hand corner and clockwise
- 3/8 Master Cylinder
- 7/16 Master Cylinder
- 7/16 Front Brakes
- 7/16 Front Brakes
- 3/8 Rear Brakes

Female 3/8 x 24 nut

Possible solution:

Good directions:


"There are two types of end - male and female. The male end is convex in shape, the female concave. The male end is used where a male pipe union (nut) is used on the brake pipe - that's a nut with an external thread - that will be screwed into a female fitting such as found in a wheel cylinder or master cylinder. The female end is used where a female pipe union (nut) is used on the brake pipe - a nut with an internal thread - and will be mated to a male fitting such as found on rear flexible brake pipes. "

Fuel lines.
Rubber are 1/4 ID (near carb's) & 5/16 ID

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