Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Front Suspension

How I installed the coil springs outside of the car.

Used a coil spring compressor from the Advance loan a tool program.
Since the center screw is so long, had to add some wood to shorten up the screw.
Flip the front spar upside down.
Compress the spring with the tool, until you can insert the inward (close to the engine) coil pan bolts.
Continue compressing and using the A-Arms to lever the spring to insert the rear front coil pan bolt and the fulcrum bolt on the side without the sway bar.
Now the final push, compress the spring even more, you might be out of room, i.e. the center bolt might be hitting the bottom of the front spar, or you will be close. I had to just muscle the spring down using the A Arm as a lever to get the front sway bar mount in place and finally the fulcrum bolt all the way through.
Keep everything nice and loose until you get that last bolt in place, then snug things up.
Make sure the grapple arm bolts are not torque down, once you have your spring in place you will have to reach inside of the spring and dismantle the tool within the spring. Expect frustration at this point. The grapple arms may impact the side of the front spar, so angle them with the bolts facing outwards towards you, so that you can access them when you are done.


Note the angle of the tool so it won't hit the front spar plus you have access to the grapple bolts.

Inward coil spring pan bolts installed

I have the bolts holding the "back" A Arm installed, now I have to lever the front A Arm to finish things up.

Note the more wood I had to add.

Make sure you installed the front spar mount bolts before you install your springs. Not sure if you could add them after your springs are installed.

Brakes from Advance, painted with clear coat.

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